Jennette's Pet Peeves

Posted on Apr 23, 2013

Jennette McCurdy Pet Peeves 1

Some things just get on your nerves. It's okay, it happens to the best of us. In fact, it happens to Hollywood's finest too! In an interview with, Jennette McCurdy listed off some of her top pet peeves. Which, to no surprise, made us roll on the floor in laughter.

Jennette McCurdy Pet Peeves 2

"I hate when people don't screw the caps on their water bottles," Jennette began. "It drives me nuts. It's not that hard grandma!" LOL. A note to all: Make sure any and all water bottle caps are screwed on tight whenever Jennette is around... or else!

Jennette McCurdy Pet Peeves 3

But there's something else that gets Jennette flushed with anger. She'd fed up with the baby blue color of toilet water! "I've wanted some toilet bowl cleaner in purple since I've been a wee child."

Even though these pet peeves are pretty silly, we've gotta give it up for Jennette. Even when listing off a bundle of complaints, she still manages to give us the giggles.


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