Jennette McCurdy's Digital Boo-Boo

Posted on Nov 11, 2011

Anything can happen when you're chatting live with Jennette McCurdy. From spur-of-the-moment fart jokes to random bursts of melodic story-telling, Jennette's full of surprises. But the most interesting thing that happened in Jennette's latest web chat with fans on Ustream was a little cellular boo-boo concerning her pal Ariana Grande.


While attempting to dial in her Victorious chum via speaker phone, she accidentally spilled Ariana's digits (oopsies!). But don't worry, Ariana was more than happy to answer a few mystery calls from her fans (who we're so jealous of, btw). See how it all went down in the tweet trees...

Ariana: "Oh my goodness... @JennetteMcCurdy!!!! I love so much but did you call me during your live chat & it went to voicemail & read my # aloud [sic]?!"
Jennette: "@ArianaGrande that's what people are telling me!! i don't know what happened.. I am so sorry!!"
Ariana: "@jennettemccurdy Hahahahahaha! It's ok. I'm having fun texting random people right now! I'm gonna change my # later. I couldn't love u more!"
Jennette: "@ArianaGrande ok! i'm so sorry i feel so bad!!"
Ariana: "@jennettemccurdy We're having so much fun though! Don't feel badly... come over and answer some calls with us! Hahahahahah. Love you. :]"

LOL! Well, even though Jennette had a minor technical mix-up (it's okay, JM, it's happened to the best of us!), it still ended happily (ever after) for Ariana.

Ariana tweeted, "Oh my gosh, someone just texted me asking for my hand in marriage! I never thought I'd meet my husband via text message. Haha!!"

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