Jennette Loves Veggies!

Posted on Aug 11, 2013

Jennette Loves Veggies 1

From battery filled burritos to countless buckets of chicken, Sam and Cat's Sam Puckett has a healthy appetite that's eh, maybe not so healthy. But Nick star Jennette McCurdy is actually all about eating lean and green! She's teamed up with Birds Eye and can't wait to help kids kick start their healthy eating habits.

Jennette thinks what grows out of the ground can grow on you too! She told Fox News, "I'm working to influence kids to [eat healthy]. I'm... trying to inspire kids to enjoy their vegetables more and see them as something to get creative with and have fun with."

Jennette Loves Veggies 2

And getting your greens can be fun! Jennette had a blast blending some yummy (and healthful) smoothies with her pals at a recent event hosted by Birds Eye. And she told Look to the Stars, all about getting crafty when it comes to cooking up fruits and veggies. "I'm excited that kids get to be in charge of the dinner rules this summer," she said.

Jennette Loves Veggies 3

So be like Jennette and don't be afraid to eat more veggies. They're delicious and nutritious! Oh, and while you're busy getting healthy, don't forget the very important date we've got coming up! Nickelodeon’s 10th annual Worldwide Day of Play is happening this fall. It's the perfect time to get out, get active, and get your veggie on. Can't wait!!


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