How NOT To Babysit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

How To Babysit 2

Jennette McCurdy knows a lot about babysitting, her character Sam Puckett does it for a living! Have an upcoming babysitting gig? This Sam & Cat star has some solid advice on what NOT to do the next time you're put in charge. Check out her top tips below!

How To Babysit 1

In her recent interview with Glitter Magazine Jennette dished out her ultimate babysitting 'Dont's.' What made the top of her list? "Don’t forget you’re babysitting when you’re in the middle of babysitting!" Good advice, Jennette! Keep it coming...

How To Babysit 3

So what else should you NEVER do? Well, according to Jennette, "Don’t cut kids' hair! And don’t let kids do chores for you (no matter how much you want them to)." But hey sometimes you've just gotta hand off those chores to the kids and go for a quick spin on the Ziggity Zag. Sorry, kids!

So folks, if you just follow these simple words of wisdom you too can become a butt-kickin' babysitter, just like Jennette. Rock on, babysitters! Rock on.


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