Weird News of the Week: Jennette's Cocoa Crazy

Posted on Jul 2, 2013

Weird News Jennette Cocoa 1

Love stories that are a little strange? Updates that are a bit... off? Well, you're in luck cause it's time for another Weird News of the Week! This week, we've got a real head scratcher that'll make you say "Huh?" Here's the deal, Sam & Cat's Jennette McCurdy recently when shopping in the Big Apple, and we gotta say, she bought something pretty sweet!

Weird News Jennette Cocoa 2

While she was in NYC, this Nick star brought back a souvenir that's good til the last drop! The star chirped,"Is it sad that the only shopping I did in NY was for hot chocolate?" Talk about a hankering for hot-cho!

Weird News Jennette Cocoa 3

Has this fashionista actually discovered a hot new trend? Soon, cocoa could be on runways! Models may have milk mustaches! We're with you Jennette, who needs new clothes when you have such a tasty beverage to keep you warm?


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