Sam's Weapon Of Choice: The Butter Sock

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image Jennette Butter Sock Image 1

If you were facing Sam Puckett in battle, our advice would be to fast as you can! It's no secret that Sam can take on bullies twice her size and send them home screaming for their mommies. She's one tough cookie! But does her real life counterpart, Jennette McCurdy, have the same over-aggressive 'tude?

Blog Image Jennette Butter Sock Image 2

"Well, Sam's quite angry a lot of the time," Jennette told Time For Kids. "And I guess some times I question my anger issues because I really very much enjoy any time I get to do a stunt or pretend to beat up somebody. I like to think it's just me living vicariously through the character instead of me letting out some part of me, but either way it's very fun. Using the butter sock to beat people up, that's pretty great."

Blog Image Jennette Butter Sock Image 3

Ahh, the old butter sock. There's nothing like using a stick of dairy covered in smelly foot cloth to defeat your enemies. And if you wanna see Sam's weapon of choice in true iCarly action, just check out the clip below.

Although we'd much rather see everyone getting along, we've gotta say. That bully had it comin'!


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