Jennette McCurdy Chats About Her Music

Posted on Feb 1, 2011

Jennette McCurdy sure knows how to keep us in stitches as the hilarious Sam Puckett on iCarly. But we're not here to talk comedic chops! Today's topic is Ms. McCurdy's superhuman vocal skills! Jennette is one totally talented musician. And with a new album hitting shelves any minute, she's chatting up a storm about a stack of new tracks and her passion for music.

In an interview with Cambio, Jennette covered everything from her musical background to her songwriting inspirations!


The iCarly star kicked off the conversation by explaining what first got her into singing and songwriting. "Music has always been such a big part of my life," she explained, "as I think it is for everyone. And I always enjoyed singing and writing music, so it just sort of made sense! Why should I fight it?"

"My very first musical memory is of my mom singing, 'When You Wish Upon A Star', to me," Jennette smiled, digging at the source of her singing skills, "And she has a really pretty voice, so I remember that well."

But where does she get her songwriting inspiration? "I think everything that you experience you can draw from," Jennette explained, "and write a song about it!"

Those experiences have sure served her well! Jennette's putting out ten tracks on her new album, all of which are guaranteed hits! But which is her favorite? "I really love the song called, 'Heart of a Child'," Jennette said. "It's a ballad. I think of that song as like a journal, like a whole journal of mine in one song. So, I hope that song really hits people, and that they enjoy it."

There's no doubt that we'll enjoy every single one of Jennette's new tunes, right?! And Jennette hopes to inspire all of her fans with her music. "When I listen to music I love songs that I feel like were written out of my life directly," she says, getting excited. "It makes me wanna listen to it 10,000 times. So, I hope that every song on my record does that for people, and that they listen to it frontward and backward a thousand times!

Don't worry, Jennette, we will!

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