Jennette's Tweet Attack!

Posted on Jul 20, 2011

Wanna learn even more fun and quirky things about your fave country crooner, Jennette McCurdy? Well, look no further. We've got a whole list of oddball Q and As right here, straight from Jennette's tweet attack. The iCarly star decided to open up to her fellow twitizens and gave her fans the chance to ask anything. And she got such an overload of excited responses, that #askjennette started trending! Check out the best tweets from this impromptu interview.


Q: "Do the stairs in carly's loft actually go anywhere?"
A: "they lead to a wooden floor with a wooden wall that is drawn on by me and my cohorts"

Q: "will you be watching the last Potter film?"
A: "yep, huge potter fan."

Q: "do you ever whip your hair back and forth?"
A: "yes, especially when it's wet"

Q: "what kind of music do you like ?"
A: "primarily polka and harmonica-based funk tunes"

Q: "whats that reflective thing on the left sleeve of the penny t's on icarly?"
A: "that would be a penny.."

Q: "What is your Favorite thing about working with Miranda Cosgrove ?"
A: "she is so sweet, fun, and enjoyable. we've gotten closer over the past few years - so grateful for that"

Q: "Smooth or Crunchy Peanut Butter?"
A: "crunchy all the way"

Q: "what do you do to make your hair so amazing?"
A: "use minimal heat. i use a smoothing creme after showering and a strengthening serum for the ends. and thanks!"

Q: "if I had a crab feast with plenty of bacon, would you come?"
A: "unfortunately no, but that is only because i am allergic to shellfish. swap the crab with some tilapia and i'm there"

Q: "what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?"
A: "party it up with the zombies"

Q: "how do you like your sandwiches cut?"
A: "diagonally or into four little squares"

Q: "If you were a warning label, what would it be?"
A: "if i was a warning label, I would be 'proceed with caution'"

Q: "if you could play a character in any scifi movie/series who would it be?"
A: "marty or lorraine from bttf, han or lando calrissian from star wars, indiana jones"

Q: "if you could be invisible for a day what would you do?"
A: "i would listen in on conversations and drive a car so people think the car is driving itself"

Q: "Favorite Harry Potter spell?"
A: "definitely wingardium leviosa"

Q: "ive been tweeting and you havent seen them but if you see this then flying monkeys, ninjas or talking cats"
A: "flying monkeys (i'd like to see marcel fly), ninjas (because they're discreet), and talking cats (hey there siamese)"

Q: "roller coaster or ghost house?"
A: "roller coaster baby"

Q: "Would you rather be a wizard or a super hero?"
A: "tough one! maybe a wizard? i say that tentatively"

Q: "Why are you so inspiring and hilarious? Why do you make me think of the 90′s?"
A: "thank you, thank you, and possibly because I am a product of the 90s?"

So Jennette, provided there's no zombie apocalypse in the near future, would you wanna get together to ride roller coasters with crunchy peanut butter sandwiches cut into four squares? Maybe we could listen to harmonica music and dish about HP?...Think about it.

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