Jennette and Nathan's Cruise Q and A

Posted on Aug 10, 2011

All aboard! Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress have been spending some time at sea on the Nickelodeon cruise ship! And when they weren't basking in the sunshine or exploring the shores of tropical islands, they were just hangin' with all their fave fans below deck. They even took some time out to answer a bunch of questions from the sea-cruisin' crowd during a little iCarly Q and A on board.


First, Jennette and Nathan spilled about pulling pranks on set...

Jennette: "We're big pranksters on set. My favorite prank that I pulled on the cast was that for the first season of the show I convinced them that my name was Jennetteria. And they all made lots of fun of me. And they starting feeling very miserable 'cause I started making them feel very bad about it. And it got so bad that I confessed that my real name is Jennette."
Nathan: "I tried to think of all these reasons why Jennetteria was a cool name, because I didn't want her to feel bad. But I couldn't think of any good ones..."
Jennette: "They were all pathetic. He goes, 'You probably have more letters than anyone'..."

And one crowd member wondered, who were their favorite guest stars?

Jennette: "For me it was Jim Parsons. I'm a big fan of a show called, Big Bang Theory."
Nathan: "I'd have to say one of my favorites has gotta be the Jack Black episode. I love Jack Black. He's so funny. And he's super nice in real life. Plus, one of the ones that you guys haven't seen yet...We did an episode with Michelle Obama...She was super cool. And she actually did a couple scenes with us and she did a web show. And there was random dancing involved. So it's gonna be a really fun episode."

And when they were asked about on set bloopers, well, they blamed it all on Jerry!

Nathan:"Any scene where Jerry Trainor (Spencer) is involved...He's always said that it's his life goal to make us laugh in the middle of our scenes when we're not supposed to. So, he's always trying to get us to break character. And we do, a lot! So there's lots of bloopers and breaking of character goin' on on the iCarly set."
Jennette: "Jerry will forsake the episode...just to make us laugh. If he's making an expression that's totally unrelated and doesn't fit the scene, it doesn't matter."
Nathan: "Or fart noises...That's a big thing for him. He loves makin' the fart jokes."

Well thanks for the inside deets from this cruise line Q and A, guys. And we hope you enjoy the rest of your vacay while on the high seas. Oh, and say 'hi' to SpongeBob for us!

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