Jerry's Evolution of Insanity

Posted on Feb 12, 2013

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It takes a certain kind of brain to invent stuff like spaghetti tacos and gummy bear lamps. And while that brain may be totally bonkers, it's the very best kind of bonkers. And it belongs to Jerry Trainor's kooky character, Spencer Shay. But that's not the first funnyman Jerry has played. He has spent practically his entire career acting outrageous!

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In fact, Jerry explained to Buzznet that there's been a bit of an evolution of wackiness in his roles over the years. Crazy Steve to Spencer Shay to Uncle Vinnie? Yup. There's definitely some similarities. But Jerry explained that he's gradually gone down on the crazy scale!

"I feel like my career with Nickelodeon has been a steady, graduated road to sanity," he said. "Like, I was Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh, and he was just crazy. And then I was Spencer on iCarly, and he's just...kind of a child in his head still. And now I get to play actually kind of a grown-up [on Wendell and Vinnie]...You know, he watches the game, plays video games...that guy."

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Hmmm, video games? It doesn't sound like Jerry's new role has matured very far past "big kid" status. But at least he's not screaming at customers over spilled popcorn, anymore. Baby steps...

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