Happy Birthday Jerry Trainor!

Posted on Jan 18, 2013


For years, Jerry Trainor has been making us laugh with his countless goofball shenanigans. That's why today, we're celebrating his BIG DAY by remembering 5 of his greatest LOL moments ever. Get ready to have a giggle fit, because it doesn't get any funnier than this!

Jerry's time on iCarly was filled with nothing but good times and big laughs, so it wouldn't be right if we didn't include some of those here! Let's face it, who can forget all of his crazy inventions? While it's true that most of them could have came with a CAUTION sign, that's exactly why they were so memorable.


And let's not forget his flashy sense of style! Truth is, light-up socks were never as cool as they were before Spencer started wearing them.


We're totally goo-goo ga-ga for baby Spencer! Hands down, he takes the cake for funniest (and freakishly weird) baby ever!

Talk about sweet moves! When Jerry put on a dress and shoes for this little number, laughs across America just grew louder and louder.

Oh Spencer, even when you try putting your foot down, only silliness ensues!

We're pretty sure your tummy must be aching from all the giggles by now, but in between chuckles, make sure you wish good 'ol Jerry a very happy birthday!


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