Jerry Trainor at Comic-Con

Posted on Jul 27, 2011

Jerry Trainor is a comical king. So it comes at no surprise that he'd be first on the list of invites to this year's Comic-Con convention. The international show celebrates the best in animated media, and Jerry was there to promote his role in the canine cartoon, T.U.F.F Puppy. Although, he spent most of his time dishing about iCarly instead (it's hard not to!). Jerry spilled all the deets to ClevverTV about Spencer in the new season, hangin' with the first lady, and uh, getting a little too excited for the show's Emmy nomination.


If you didn't know already, there's a presidential party coming up on iCarly. Michelle Obama is set to star in an upcoming episode! And Jerry gabbed about what it was like working with the number one lady in the country. He said, "I flipped out. I was very nervous. But she's super cool. Awesome. Down to earth...It was crazy. Secret service everywhere. And then it's funny because she's playing herself, so there's actors playing secret service people. So there's fake secret service and real secret service. And I didn't know who to mess with." Um, if we were you, we'd steer clear of all men in uniform. Just in case.

But what's in store for Spencer in the all-new season? Well, Jerry dished, "...Eating weird stuff, being trapped in vents, covered in ointment..I mean it's just nonstop...The writers like to torture me." (Poor Jerry!...LOL.)

And what about his show nabbing a Grammy nomination? Well, let's just say Jerry was a little more than pumped. He said, "Immediately did a back flip. Immediately broke my ankle. And then I pooped my pants."

So, it looks like we've got one overly excited iCarly megastar loose at this year's Comic-Con convention, and we're more than happy to have him....But uh, can we get a clean up crew over here asap? Pee-you!

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