Jerry's Best 'Dos

Posted on Jul 23, 2013


Jerry Trainor is a man of many faces, but did you know that he's also a man of many hairstyles? That's right, this Wendell and Vinnie star loves changing up his 'do and has rocked tons of different styles throughout the years. So, today we're taking a walk down memory lane and honoring the past and the present with Jerry's hair journey!

Before he was the crazy comedian we know and love, Jerry was a rising star with a side swept mop top. We can understand why he left this style in the past, but it really framed his best asset... extra expressive eyebrows!


After leaving that strand style in the dust, Jerry took a liking to this super cropped short style. He totally made it work, but there was something missing... Oh right, his hair! Although we think Jerry can rock any 'do with class, there's something extra funny about Jerry with longer locks. Maybe he hides some of his jokes up in those tresses?


Luckily, as time passed Jerry put down the shears and let nature do its work. Now we're looking at the current and classic Jerry Trainor 'do. This look gets our vote, cause we love seeing Jerry let his hair down. Just try to keep those strands away from any open flames, okay?

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