Jerry Is A Pro Screamer

Posted on Aug 7, 2013


If you're a close follower of Jerry Trainor, then you're familiar with his wailing ways. But when did all the screaming start? During his interview on Conan, he took us back to his yelling beginnings. "I used to do a show before iCarly, Drake and Josh, and I was a crazy person that screamed all the time," he said. "I was quiet and then I would scream. And then I was Spencer and I would scream even more, and so now I've kind of just fallen into this screaming path."


NOW THAT'S A LOT OF SCREAMING! Whoops, sorry, we didn't mean to yell... it's contagious! So how do Jerry's vocal chords survive the strain? Well, he has a bit of a trick up his scream sleeves. "I used to really worry about it but... I don't put the scream right on my vocal cords, it's more like a gargle, it's like up on the uvula." We're glad gargling helps, 'cause we'd hate to see the day where Jerry loses his screaming strength.


Jerry may be a pro-screamer on camera, but is yelling his choice mode of communication in real life too? He told Entertainment Weekly, "Yes. It's more for emphasis. But I try to keep it targeted. Like I'll just be sitting here talking to you and go 'NICE NECKLACE!' Then you know… that's a nice necklace... It's definitely become second nature."

And all that screaming practice comes in handy on the Wendell and Vinnie set too, because Buddy Handelson sometimes needs some loud lessons. Buddy told Time for Kids, "[Jerry's] very loud, which is a plus because that teaches me to be louder also." So, keep on screaming, Jerry. You do it better than anyone in the biz. But maybe invest in some hot tea...

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