iCarly Loves Jimmy Fallon!

Posted on Oct 1, 2012


We certainly love the cast of iCarly, but guess who they love?

Jimmy Fallon! That's right, in a recent interview with Fanlala, Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Noah Munck all gushed over what it was like working with the kooky talk show host on the set of their one-hour new special, 'iShock America'.


So how did Miranda feel about filming with the funny Fallon? While referring to the iCarly special, Miranda Cosgrove said, "I think that was the most fun I've ever had on an episode in the entire series." Wow, now that says a lot! Not only did they get to film with Jimmy, but, "The entire cast got to go to New York." (It was their first time shooting on location!!)


Miranda wasn't the only Fallon admirer! Nathan Kress seemed very impressed with the host's open and easy going attitude. iCarly star confessed, "He is like one of the coolest human beings on the entire planet." Nathan then explained the secret behind the talk show host's talent, "He's so good at engaging people in conversation and bringing out certain things in people that makes them way more interesting than they actually are."


Noah Munck was certainly a fan of filming in the Big Apple, "New York was amazing." What made it so great? According to Noah, "going to restaurants, hanging out in Times Square, just being with each other." Of Jimmy, Noah said "He was welcoming and kind... He wanted to be on iCarly... It was great." It sure sounds it! Can we come next time??

Boy, after all these rave reviews from the cast, now we definitely want to meet Jimmy. Be sure to check out iCarly's new special, 'iShock America' on Nick!

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