Are You Jinxed?

Posted on Nov 27, 2013

Are You Jinxed 1

Have you ever been unlucky in life? Do you think you might actually be Jinxed? Take a look at these signs to see if you suffer the same unlucky fate as the Murphy's.

Are You Jinxed 2

Sign 1: You step in dog poop more than the average person.
We've all done it at least once, but if find that you're always on shoe cleaning duty, well, you could just be Jinxed.

Are You Jinxed 3

Sign 2: Black cats follow you everywhere.
No, you're not a cat-whisperer. If black cats are always on your tail, you either reek of catnip or you're cursed.

Are You Jinxed 4

Sign 3: When you step outside, it's weirdly always raining.
We hate to rain on your parade, but if you notice you're always reaching for the umbrella, that's not a good sign!

Are You Jinxed 5

Sign 4: One time you caught water on fire. Water!
Don't ask why. Don't ask how. It's just a sign.

Are You Jinxed 6

Sign 5: You've started a new trend: White tees with mustard stains.
It's definitely not all-the-rage on the runaways, not yet at least. But keep your chin up! Maybe bibs will be in fashion soon.

If any of these signs scream your name, then it's pretty likely that you're Jinxed. But never fear, being unlucky isn't all bad! After all, Meg Murphy does it everyday. Don't miss Nick's original movie, Jinxed, November 29th at 7/6c.


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