KCA Fun Fact: The Hunger Games

Posted on Mar 10, 2012


We're dropping another fun fact from one of our faves on the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards nominee list! And this time aroung, it's all about Blimp-worthy Favorite Book-hopeful, The Hunger Games Series.


Okay, so get this. The Hunger Games books were written by all-star novelist, Suzanne Collins (Duh, we all know that!). But what you don't know, is that Suzanne did some writing for the tube before she took to the page and created one of the world's most popular (and best-selling) teen series.


But what show did Suzanne write for? It was the throwback '90s Nick hit, Clarissa Explains It All!


Suzanne explained to Scholastic, "I had written for children's television for 18 years..." But with constant urging from her coworkers to start writing books, she eventually switched to the printed page. She said, "Finally, I broke down and gave it a try, and I loved it!"


So, we have Suzanne Collins to thank for giving us tons of Clarissa wisdom to treasure on Nick and thousands of pages of superb storytelling to devour in her three novels. But, we're still Hungry for more!

If you heart The Hunger Games Series, don't forget to vote them for a Blimp this year!


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