Happy Birthday Keke Palmer!

Posted on Aug 26, 2012


Today is a BIG day for birthdays, because joining Gracie Dzienny in the confetti-filled celebrations is Rags star, Keke Palmer! Yup, it's Keke's birthday, too! And while great new memories are about to be made, it's still nice to reminisce. J-14 caught up with the gal to get the scoop on one of her sweetest throwback bday memories ever.


While chatting up a memorable moment from a birthday past, Keke was all smiles. "I had one of the best birthday parties ever," she said. "It was basically me and my friends, we went to Universal Studios, we hung out, we had an awesome time, except when I went on [a ride], and I got my hair wet. That was one part that I'm not a big fan of." Hey, nobody wants a wet head. Especially not on their bday!

But even though Keke encountered some minor mane mishaps, her day was far from ruined."...I think I had the best time just because I was with my friends, and whenever you like hanging with your friends, you know, your true friends that you can just be yourself around, it's really going to be a great time," she gushed.


We wonder how Keke will be doing it up for her big day this year? Well, judging by the past, we vote that she spends the day with her closest pals (and maybe a few of her greatest fans, too!). Happy birthday Keke!


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