Happy Birthday Keke!

Posted on Aug 26, 2011

Gracie Dzienny isn't the only one with a big birthday to celebrate. It's Keke Palmer's special day too! This calls for a double dose of fiesta fun. So just in case you're not sure what to bring as a gift for this fashion fab birthday girl, we've got you totally covered. Check out the five birthday gifts that would make the perfect present for Keke.


1. A bigger closet!
This girl's got such great style, it's hard to fit all those beautiful clothes in one tiny space!

2. A flock of sheep
Okay, this may sound a little weird. But Keke tweeted that she was having some trouble getting shut eye. She chirped, "Can't sleep.. Gah!!!" Well, now she can count them every night to send herself into a dreamy snooze! LOL.

3. A cute new pair of kicks!
Keke tweeted, "Shoes are my addiction". Birthday gift hint, perhaps?

4. A good pair of mittens.
Hey, it's cold in the Ice Age! And Keke's about to star in the new flick, Ice Age: Continental Drift. Brrr! Don't you think she should be prepared?

5. An oven mit
Gracie Dzienny isn't the only Nick Star (or birthday girl) who likes to bake. Keke likes to play chef too! She chirped, "I'm so excited. I'm gonna make brownies soon!!" Yum-my! Can we have some?

No matter what you decide to give Keke today, just make sure you give her one thing...a great big birthday wish. Happy birthday KP!


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