Kendall Dishes on 24/Seven!

Posted on Jun 8, 2013

Kendall Dishes 24 Seven 1

It's only a matter of time before Big Time Rush's new album, 24/Seven hits the shelves. And duh, we can't wait! Rusher fever? You betcha. And it's heating up even more now that we heard some certified spoilers from BTR's Kendall Schmidt! He told it all to Starpulse, and we've got all the deets.

Kendall Dishes 24 Seven 2

"We're really excited about [the album]," Kendall said. "We've been working on it since the end of our last tour." And if you're looking for sneak peeks of the new songs, then tuning into Big Time Rush is you're best bet. Kendall dished, "All the songs are in an episode, and then the deluxe stuff is just stuff that we had to put on there."

Kendall Dishes 24 Seven 3

And, as usual, the guys worked together to come up with their lyrical genius. "James did this song called 'Amazing,' which is really great," Kendall said. "Logan and I did a song called 'Untouchable.'" Hmm... Sounds like we just found our two new favorite songs!

The summer is definitely heating up, and we can't wait to celebrate 24/Seven, all season long. Can you?!


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