Kendall Schmidt Loves Animals!

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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There's plenty of things to love about BTR star, Kendall Schmidt. He's funny, he's talented, and we've gotta admit...the boy can sing! But there's another thing that we find equally as charming about the Elevating singer. He's an animal-lover! Check out what Kendall spilled to BOP magazine about his fave Big Time Rush episode, how to be a good boyfriend and his love for cuddly critters.

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Kendall started off by dishing on his favorite Big Time Rush episode. He said, "My favorite was 'Big Time Bad Boy,' because I'm not a bad guy at all in real life, but I got to act that way. It was fun for me!"

But Kendall isn't just a nice guy. He's a romantic BF, too! He explained, "To be a good boyfriend, you need to remember that chivalry is not dead."

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And when the mag asked what Kendall would do if he wasn't a boy band heartthrob, he explained that he'd be happiest surrounded by furry friends. He said, "If I weren't in Big Time Rush, I would probably be an animal biologist."

Well, good thing Kendall scored two new snuggly band mates, puppies Sydney and Fox. Now he can meld all of his dream jobs into one!


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