Break-Up Advice from Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson

Posted on Nov 1, 2012

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Breaking up is hard (there's only been a million, billion songs written about it!). And even though crushes are as common as a rainy day cold, it's still nice to have a friend to call on for advice. Lucky for us, we've got two guys who are experts in love (partially because they sing about it almost every day, and also because they're fancied by just about every gal in the universe). Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt are here to give us their very best advice on breaking up. So ditch those tears and sniffly tissues, and listen up!

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"Look, if you really like somebody, you're not gonna just magically not like them anymore," Kendall told Popstar!. "And you could always like somebody as a person, but it doesn't mean you have to be with them."

"For me, finding stuff to do is always important," Logan continued. "Be creative, be busy, and getting yourself out there. You're gonna wanna meet so many awesome people."

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"And also, you have to remember, there's seven billion people on this planet," Kendall added. "I'm sure if it's not that person, that there's another one for you out there."

So chin up, all you broken-hearted romantics out there! There's plenty of fish in the sea...and we know two in particular who are pretty good at elevating your spirits. :)


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