Kendall Schmidt Talks About Life On Tour!

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

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When you're a BTR superstar with a jam-packed schedule, where's the best place to catch up on your Z's? Answer: the tour bus! Even though life on the road can seem exhausting, the guys actually get most of their rest while traveling coast-to-coast. Kendall Schmidt chatted with Fanlala about life on the concert circuit and how it's different from life on set. And we were surprised to hear that tour life is filled with quality R&R!

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"On the road, it's different than it is when we're doing the TV show," Kendall explained. "There's a lot of relaxing going on 'cause as soon as you get done doing everything you'll just go hop on the bus and hang out. A lot of sleeping, 'cause believe it or not, the bus rocks you to sleep instantly. And the second it stops is when you wake up. So, hopefully it takes a while to get to the next place."

But scoring an easy ticket to Dreamville isn't the only reason Kendall hearts life on the BTR bus. Most of all, he loves the rush of performing for fans. "It's just a blast on tour," he said. "It's something I've always wanted to do. Playing shows for that many people is awesome."

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