6 Degrees of Slime

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

6 Degrees 1

The Kids' Choice Awards slime is way more than just a gunky goo that makes stars slip and slide on stage. It brings people together! From Vince Vaughn to Josh Duhamel, almost anyone can be found on the slime family tree. But how are they all connected? Find out, in this 6 Degrees of Slime!

6 Degrees 2

Okay, let's start the slime sequence! Vince Vaughn and Justin Timberlake took aim and fired their slime hoses at each other in 2007. There was no winner in this duel, but we're all champs when we're slathered in green goo! But who did Justin pass the slimy torch off to next?

6 Degrees 3

The audience! That's right, JT turned the slime hose onto the kids in the crowd. After cheering on others' slimings throughout the years, sometimes the audience gets a taste of their own medicine. But the slimage doesn't end there for the fans, who also shared a sliming with...

6 Degrees 4

Rosie O'Donnell! Rosie and the crowd got caught in a serious slime storm (and that's not the kind of weather you can predict). But after going green at the show in 2003, Rosie had another messy meet-up with...

6 Degrees 5

Jim Carrey! Jim and Rosie shared a slippery (and feather-covered) embrace after being drenched in the green gunk. Hey, when you're lucky enough to get slimed, you need to share the wealth! But Jim's time in the slime-light didn't end there...

6 Degrees 6

Jack Black was next on the list to get slimed with Jim. The two funnymen know there's no way to escape the green gunk, not even in a hot air balloon. But who did Jack Black slime?

6 Degrees 7

Answer: This year's host, Josh Duhamel! Josh triumphantly accepted his sliming with pride after being crowned Arm Fart king at last year's awards.

Wait a minute... we made it to the number six! That was pretty easy, too. Who knew all of these celebs were so connected in slime?! But the chain of ultimate goo-ings won't end there, 'cause this year's KCA host, Josh Duhamel, will soon pass the slime torch to another lucky star. But who?? Tune into the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards this Saturday to find out!

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