KCA Bonus Blimps

Posted on Mar 24, 2013


SpongeBob snagged the Blimp for Favorite Cartoon. Victorious won for Favorite TV Show. But what about the craziest KCA dancer? Did they get to take home a bright orange Blimp? Well, in years past, we've kept the winner's circle relatively small. But thanks to a surplus of Blimps (and one seriously awesome show), we've got a whole bunch of NEW awards to hand out this year. It's time to give props to all the Kids' Choice Awards champs that you may have missed...


The first bonus Blimp goes to Dwayne Johnson for Longest Yawn. Wow. That guy looks like he could swallow a Blimp whole! He really needs some shut eye...


The next award goes to Patrick Star for Best Photobomb. We always admire a well thought out photobombing. This pic bomb shows originality, creativity and class. Way to go!


This winner was tough to pick, since there were so many goo-tiful faces to choose from. But the Best Slime Face we saw all night was from Neil Patrick Harris. Hands down!


From the Kids' Choice Awards Shake to random stage rock outs, Josh Duhamel was breaking it down all night long. And his moves were, well, pretty unforgettable. The Blimp for Funniest Dancer goes to our hilarious host. Well deserved.


Now, we've never given this award out before. And we're not sure we ever will again. But Carlos Pena hugged Katy Perry for so long, it might as well be a world record. And that totally deserves a Blimp.


Remember at the start of the show when Josh made an interesting Fergalicious fashion choice? There's no competition for this one. It was the wackiest costume change of all time. And yes, it deserves some props. But, um, maybe Josh should stay out of Fergie's dress closet next year. For safety's sake.


The "OMG-I-JUST-WON" award goes to miss Victoria Justice. Why? Just look at that face! She looks so surprised, you'd think she just saw a Yeti wearing a mustache. Wait, that actually happened. But seriously though, she was totally pumped to win. And we think her awesome reaction earns an extra award.


And last but not least, here's the winner for Silliest 'Stache! This comes as no surprise... it's Miranda Cosgrove! She was so pumped about the mustache cam, she wore her facial scruff all the way up on stage. And we've gotta say, we dig the look!

Major props to all our Bonus Blimp winners this year. You're all shining stars. And now you have a KCA to prove it!

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