Guess The KCA Lyrics

Posted on Mar 8, 2013

Guess the Lyrics Tay 1

Calling all karaoke kings and queens! It's time for another round of Guess the Lyric. If you've never played before (shame on you), here are the rules... we give you the lyrics and you guess the nominee who sings 'em. It's as easy as that! Ready to play? Here goes...

KCA Lyrics Tay 2

Lyrics: 'Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in / So shame on me now / Flew me to places I'd never been / 'Til you put me down

Sound familiar? Well, this is your last chance to shout out your pick! 'Cause the musician behind these beautiful words is...

KCA Lyrics Tay 3

Taylor Swift! These are the words to her hit single, I Knew You Were Trouble, from her fourth album, Red. Man, Tay couldn't have picked a better album title, 'cause all of these tunes are red hot! But are her lyrical skills enough to snag the win for Favorite Female Singer? You decide! Keep voting and stay tuned when the KCAs hits the tube on March 23rd.


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