Kira Is Ready For Halloween!

Posted on Oct 22, 2013

Kira Kosarin Costume 1

Halloween is right around the corner. And Kira Kosarin from The Thundermans is ready to celebrate! In fact, she's already in costume. She sported this flapper frock to celebrate the Hub Halloween Bash with her cast mates. She chirped, "It's official. I'm wearing the same costume for the third year in a row cuz #yolo. Did I use that right?" Well, she may have dug this number out of the costume closet, but it's always good to recycle. Right?

Kira Kosarin Costume 2

Kira and her gal pal clearly have a flair for spooky style (see for yourself!). But sadly, Kira had a bit of a wardrobe issue before the shindig. She tweeted, "I just realized I painted my nails to go with a costume where I wear gloves. Good job Kira #somuchforthatidea." Nailed it?

Kira Kosarin Costume 3

Flapper costumes must be all the rage this year, 'cause Kira found herself a Halloween twin! "Matching costumes accidentally with my lil tv sis <3 addisonriecke," Kira tweeted. Awe, you both look boo-tiful.

Kira Kosarin Costume 4

Adorable Addison also met up with Haunted Hathaways star Curtis Harris, and the pals posed for a quick photo op. Everyone smile and say, "Give me candy!"

Kira Kosarin Costume 5

And what's a party without an adorable group shot? But wait a second... Where's Jack's costume? Maybe he's going as a teenage boy in the 21st century. Spot on!

Kira Costume Blog 6

It's a good thing these gals don't actually have superhero strength. Otherwise, this would be one colossal hug!

Kira Costume Blog 7

Oh wait! We spotted someone else at this party! Ryan Newman from See Dad Run was in attendance, and she was all dressed up like Little Bo Peep. Cute!

Kira and her cast mates had a ghoulishly good time at the Hub Halloween Bash this year. But this haunted holiday isn't over yet! Who's up for some trick or treating?

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