Leon's Secret to Style

Posted on Aug 4, 2011

Ever wonder where Leon Thomas gets all those sweet shades and stylish kicks? Well, Leon sat down with PopStar! and dished about how his style differs from his on-screen Victorious character, Andre, and how he gets that stylin' swagger we're so used to seeing on the red (and Orange) carpets.


He said, "My personal style has a different flair than Andre's style. We have very similar taste in shoes. But I'm into blazers...I like to mix some of the casual/dressy items you would see older guys wearing and mix it with everything that everybody's wearing right now...Sneakers and jeans and stuff. So, I mix and match."

But even though Leon's got a kickin' fashion sense his own, there's still one thing he wishes he could take from Andre's closet. He confessed, "Andre has really cool belts. I like my belts that I have at home. But it would be cool to snag some of the belts that he wears."

Um, could you grab one for us too, Leon? Thanks a mil!


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