Leon Thomas Spills Cast Secrets

Posted on Sep 19, 2011

You probably think you know everything about the cast of Victorious. But think again! Did you know that Victoria Justice isn't always glam-o-fied 24/7? According to Leon Thomas, the shining starlet actually loves dressing down (but she looks totally fab while doing it). Check out what Leon spilled to Teen.com about his cast mates!


First, he gave some inside scoop about Victoria's behind-the-scenes wardrobe. He said, "She loves sweatsuits. She loves to rock some baggy sweats while she's rehearsing. And a hoodie. She's probably one of the most beautiful girls I know, but she lays back when she's rehearsing."

Then he dished a funny secret about Ariana Grande. He said, "People know that she sings. But people don't know that she literally sings all day. Every second of the day, she's singin'."

And he also gave the 411 on Daniella's healthful diet. He said, "For those of you who don't know, she's a super-vegan! Gluten-free and extra veggie-fresh!"

Thanks for the inside scoop, Leon! But what are some never-before-revealed secrets about YOU?!...Maybe next time...


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