Sparks Fly With Leon Thomas

Posted on Nov 9, 2011

If we had to hand out an award for smoothest Nickelodeon cast member, there's no doubt about it, it would go to Leon Thomas. From his symphonic swagger over the keyboard, to kickin' it with the ladies, this guys got all the right moves. And now he's sharing them with us! Check out what he dished to PopStar! about how to shine in a music video and what he'd like to do to impress a girl. Plus, find out what happened when Leon met one of his own smooth singin' idols.


While taking a break on set of a Victorious video, Leon spilled his secret to capturing the music video audience. He said, "When you're shooting a music video, you really gotta make sure you're connected with the story line. A lot of artists don't realize, but when you're singing a song, when you're looking straight into that lens, you really gotta show that emotion. You gotta really play out every lyric of the song."

Then, Leon dished some of his ideas for laying on the charm. He said, "Do you know what I always wanted to do? I always wanted to be that guy who set fireworks. Not on fourth of July. Let's say I take my girlfriend, or a girl that I'm talking to...I'm like, 'Hey let's just go to the park, one night for no reason' and she's just like 'Okay, cool' and we go, and I set fireworks. Really cool fireworks." (Leon really knows how to make the sparks fly, doesn't he?)

But who does Leon look up to as his swagger master? He revealed his life long idol, and a little story about how they first met! He said, "I met Musiq Soulchild at the United Negro College Fund event. And we were backstage waiting to go on, 'cause I had the opportunity to present. And he was also performing that night. So we're chillin' backstage and he walks into the green room. And I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, it's Musiq Soulchild!"...And I was about to get up to go, you know, put on my fan face...And as I walk up to him he goes, "Oh! Oh my gosh! I've been meaning to meet you! You're an amazing singer'...It's crazy to see how big the show is, and the opportunities that it's given me today. It's a beautiful thing.

Well, it looks like we were right about our award winner. Because only the smoothest of Nick stars would have an idol that actually idolizes them!

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