Leon Thomas Has Some Serious Swagger

Posted on May 28, 2011

Leon Thomas can really turn on the swag. From his sweet head of dreads to his fresh new kicks, Leon's got his fashion formula down pat! He shows up stylin' to every hip Hollywood party, and the paparazzi just can't get enough. He's a total trend setter! And since we love his swaggin' style so much, we decided to pick out our favorite Leon looks. Check 'em out!


Leon went classy casual on the Orange Carpet this year with a trendy tuxedo t-shirt!


Wow. Leon definitely took Matching101 in style school. Look how perfectly his shades match his shirt! And check out that microphone necklace! He's totally iced out and lookin' fresh.


Leon knows just how to juggle style, swagger, and cool confidence. Just look at those rad red shades he's got chillin' on his chain!

We love all your fresh fashion, Leon. Could you send some of your smooth fashion tips our way, please?

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