Spy The Lie: Leon

Posted on May 21, 2013


Everyone knows Leon Thomas is one cool cat. But do you know every fact about this kickin' Victorious keyboardist? Prove it! We're dishing you another round of Spy The Lie, so get your superstar smarts ready, 'cause it's time to play. If you forget the rules, here they are: we give you three fun facts and you spot which one is bogus. Easy peasy. Here's the facts!


Spy The Lie:
Leon can play the piano like a pro, but he can't play drums! :(

Leon used to be a lion!
Leon toured with Big Time Rush.

So remember, one of these facts is totally false! But do you know which one? Guess now!


Alright, time is up! Here's the truth. All that talk about Leon being a lion is completely, 100 percent true. One of Leon's first gigs was the role of Young Simba in The Lion King on Broadway. As for touring with Big Time Rush, well, that's true too! The guys kicked it on the tour bus together last summer. The false fact in this group is actually the first. Leon is a pro on the piano keys, but he's also awesome at drums! Leon is known for playing piano, guitar, drums, bass, sax and even spitting some beastly beat box. Man, that's a lotta talent!


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