Liz's Dream Job

Posted on Aug 4, 2013

Liz Gillies Dream Job 1

Liz Gillies has been charming our socks off ever since she first belted her best on Victorious. But what if she hadn't become a mega TV celeb and chose a new career instead? Lawyer? Astronaut? Mad scientist, perhaps? Liz gave the full scoop to Glitter magazine, when she dished on her back up dream job.

Liz Gillies Dream Job 2

For a gal that's been lighting up the stage and screen since she was a tiny tot, we're not surprised at Liz's second pick profession. "Probably directing. Or producing. Or writing," she said. Well we can't blame her for staying in the realm of Hollywood. For a gal who's so good at what she does, straying from her talents is totally unnatural!

Liz Gillies Dream Job 3

But if this star had to pack her bags, close up shop and pick an entirely different career, then Liz has another option at hand. She said, "...if I had to leave the entertainment business completely, I think I'd be a psychologist. I love psychology. I find people very interesting."

That's funny, because we find Liz totally interesting too! Especially if she took on a second career as a doctor. Hey, it could happen!


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