Logan's Epic Moment On Tour

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Blog Image Logan Henderson Epic Tour Moment Image 1

We don't know about you guys, but performing all over the world with our best buds would definitely be the Time of Our Life. Especially if our pals were the boys of Big Time Rush! The Big Time Summer Tour was no doubt a show of epic proportions, but what do you think the most epic part of it was? Well, some curious fans posed this very question to Logan Henderson during a live Q&A sesh with Cambio, and he spilled all!

Blog Image Logan Henderson Epic Tour Moment Image 2

"I felt like each city had its own epic moment, they all kinda had something awesome about it," Logan said. "But the most epic moment was honestly meeting [the fans], which was really cool. So we got to travel all around the world and play shows and party with [the fans]. So that was probably the most epic moment."

There you have it, he totally thought the Big Time Summer Tour was Better With U! The feeling is mutual, Logan.


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