Logan Henderson AKA Logie Bear?

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

Blog Image Logan AKA Logie Bear Image 1

Moms are great. But let's face it. Sometimes they can be totally embarrassing!! For instance, has your mom ever called you one of her oh-so-cute nicknames in a room full of all of your friends? (Ouch). Well, you're not alone! Big Time Rush's Logan Henderson has quite the similar problem...

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In an interview with Popdust Logan admitted a few things about his 'rents. And it turns out, he gets a little bit of help in the chore department. When asked if he does his own laundry, Logan admitted, "I have people that help me out...named mom...and dad."

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But even though his mom lets him off easy when it comes to starching his threads, she's still guilty of a few motherisms...Like mortifying nick names! "My mom calls me Logie Bear, okay?" Logan said. "It's embarrassing, but you know what? It's also very sweet and I love my mother."

Awe! Well, we think it's absolutely adorable. So, no need to be embarrassed Logan...Or shall we say, Logie Bear. ;)

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