Does Logan Henderson Really Like Hockey?

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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Big Time Rush is a show about four gorgeous and talented boy band mates who've also got a knack for passing around the puck. Well, when it comes to the real life BTR boys, we know the first part of that description holds true. But do the boys really like to play hockey? In a recent interview with SoundSpike, Logan Henderson revealed his true feelings on the sport. Plus, he dished on everything else, from touring with the band to writing lyrics!

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Logan was asked which was more difficult, the show or the live performances. But he couldn't decide! He said, "I wouldn't say that one is more challenging than the other just because I love doing them both. I love acting, and being on set is great. But there's nothing better than doing live performances because you get immediate gratification from seeing how fans react."

But what can we expect from these live shows (other than a concert filled with hit tunes)? Logan explained, "Our shows always have such high energy, so fans can expect a lot more of that. It's always like a big party every time."

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And as if traveling the globe on tour wasn't enough, the boys have been known to write their very own songs while on the road! Logan listed one Elevate track, in particular, that he was psyched about writing. He explained, "It's a song called, 'Time of Our Life.' The four of us definitely grew as songwriters for the album, and there's at least one song that we each individually wrote."

With their new found lyrical skills, the real life Big Time Rush just might outshine their TV counterparts. But when it comes to a love for roller hockey, the guys are one in the same. Logan said, "I do like hockey, and I've been to a few games. All of us have played some form of hockey at some point."

There's only one thing we have to say about that...Game on!

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