Logan Henderson Confirms He's the Smart One!

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

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So, it's no secret that Logan Henderson is the brains of the band operation on Big Time Rush. Who knows where the guys would be without his quick wits and smooth moves? But is the real-life Logan the brainiac of the band too? He revealed the answer is affirmative during an interview with M Live!

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When asked if he's really the brain of the group, Logan replied, "I would like to think so. I would like to think I am a pretty big thinker off camera too."

And speaking of smarts, did you know he co-wrote the song "Oh Yeah" from their debut album "B.T.R.," as well as "Music Sounds Better With U," "Love Me Love Me" and "Superstar" from the album Elevate? He's a smarty all right. "Songwriting is a form of art," he said. "You can say whatever you're feeling, and relate certain moments in life that connect with people..."

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So, it definitely takes brains to be a musician, but it also takes guts to chase your dreams! When asked about leaving his hometown for Hollywood, Logan dished, "I just felt like there was a huge passion I needed to fill. I had no fallback plan, no plan B. I was open to the idea of doing anything. I love to entertain. Music kind of found me."

But even though Logan left home to make it Big Time, he's still all about the fam. "My family is my support system. My 12-year-old sister helps a lot [in keeping me grounded]. She's tons of fun, and far more talented than me." More talented than Logan? That's pretty hard to believe. But we guess we'll take his word for it!

Logan's extreme smarts and (hereditary) talent have brought him far, but he's not ready to quit yet! "I know the four of us want to have Big Time Rush be the biggest, baddest thing ever," he said. Too late, Logan. You already are!!

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