Acting Advice From Lucas Cruikshank

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

Blog Image Lucas Cruikshank Acting Advice 1

Ever dream of your name in shining lights? Well, Lucas Cruikshank had the same dream once upon a time...and it actually came true! Now, he's dishing out his very best acting advice to all aspiring actors out there in the universe. So if you've always wished to become a superstar on screen, listen up!

Blog Image Lucas Cruikshank Acting Advice 2

When chatting with ClevverTV Lucas admitted that at first, he was a little nervous while performing on set. But soon, he found a way to deal with the butterflies. "I guess you just have to...act like it's real life," he said. "That's really hard sometimes, 'cause there's all these lights and cameras and that sort of thing. But I think you get the hang of it after a while."

Blog Image Lucas Cruikshank Acting Advice 3

You heard it from Lucas. When it comes to training for your Hollywood close-up, practice makes perfect! And Lucas must have been practicing quite a lot over the years, 'cause he's officially one of the finest in the biz.


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