Lucas Cruikshank Grew Up in a Zoo!

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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Lucas Cruikshank might be a solo star with his very own show, but he's actually pretty good at sharing. How do we know? Well, he's done it his entire life! Growing up in Columbus, Nebraska, Lucas shared a roof with seven other siblings! And that's not all. He had a full house of pets to care for, too! Get the deets (and more fun facts) from his chat with People magazine, below.

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Fun Factoid #1: He's the fourth of eight kids!
Lucas even admitted to modeling Fred Figglehorn after his siblings! "They were crazy little kids, and I exaggerated what they did and made Fred like them," he said. "I get a lot of ideas living in a huge family."

Fun Factoid #2 His 'rents watch his dough.
"I don't have a set allowance. If I want something I have to ask my parents first, and they have to approve it," he said.

Fun Factoid #3: He drives hand-me-down wheels!
"I have a car, my sister's hand-me-down..." Lucas explained.

Fun Factoid #4: He loves music.
"I like all types of music: pop, rock and country," he said.

Fun Factoid #5: He grew up in a zoo (well, not literally, but pretty close)!
When chatting about his life at home, Lucas said, "I mow our two-acre lawn [on a rider mower], and we have a lot of animals to feed...It's like a zoo around here: four dogs, two cats and two cockatiels."

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So if you ever find yourself in a house full of animals (or even if you decide to take on a career as a zookeeper), we're pretty sure Lucas can give you some helpful tips!

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