Lucas Cruikshank's Plans For The Holidays

Posted on Dec 20, 2012

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Just how does a Nick celeb celebrate the holiday season? Well, for Marvin Marvin star Lucas Cruikshank, the holidays are the perfect time to take a break from the biz and hang with friends and fam! After all, when you're working hard cooking basketballs and freezing your grandpa, you totally deserve the break. We caught up with Lucas to get the deets on his holiday plans, check them out!

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Lucas told us, "For Christmas, I have time off from work, so I'm planning on going home for a couple weeks for Christmas and New Years. And I think it'll be really fun to see my family and my high school friends, so I'm really excited about that." And what exactly will Lucas be doing with the friends and fam? Well...

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He dished, "My family keeps it pretty simple. We pretty much just go to church and have a big dinner and then open up presents and just spend time together. 'Cause I think during the year everyone is so busy, so it's nice for everyone to just take a break and be able to have fun."

Eating dinner and opening gifts with family def sounds like the perfect holiday break to us!

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