Lucas or Marvin?

Posted on May 26, 2013

Lucas Marvin Image 1

Lucas Cruikshank and Marvin Marvin definitely have a lot in common. They're both quirky and make us LOL 24/7! But can you guess which of these facts belongs to which funny guy? Let's put your super star (and extraterrestrial) smarts to the test. First question... who hangs with tons of animals? One of these two guys can often be found chilling with birds, cats and dogs.

Lucas Marvin Image 2

Next question! When a great song comes on who absolutely can't resist busting a move? Like, seriously, every single time a tune comes on this guy is on on the dance floor making it work!

Lucas Marvin Image 3

Did you figure it out? 'Cause here's the truth! Lucas Cruikshank is the one who spends tons of time with animals. Yes, we know Marvin can talk to animals, but that's different. Lucas practically lives in a zoo. He owns four dogs, two cats, and two cockatiels! Which means that Marvin Marvin is the true dancing machine. In fact, he can't even help it. Every time a tune is played, this space alien is forced to start stepping! We know you've seen his moves, and you just can't look away... for better or worse.


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