Lucas Spills On Marvin's Wardrobe

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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Rainbow colored space pants, two-inch neck ties and purple platform sneakers...all these things are totally normal when you hail from planet Klooto. And Lucas Cruikshank can tell you all about it. While chatting with Lucas about his new gig as the alien teenager on Marvin, Marvin, he told us that as far as roles in Hollywood go, this one scores first place in the funky fashion department.

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"...He's just really trying to fit in," Lucas explained about his quirky character. "But at the same time he's just this happy-go-lucky guy and always wants to have fun, and that sorta thing. So he always kinda gets himself in trouble and doesn't do the human things as right as he should. But he has a really good heart and I think that's why the Formans, which is the family he lives with, are so happy to keep him in their house because they just really love him 'cause they know he has a good heart deep down."

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But the one thing that's more lovable than Marvin's positive 'tude is his hilarious costume. "Marvin's wardrobe is really over the top," Lucas said. "Especially in the pilot. He was wearing all neon, like all different colors. And he has this really cool rubber belt that he always wears. And his shoes are always super funky. He's always wearing really weird stuff!"

It looks like Lucas' new role isn't the only thing out-of-this-world, 'cause when it comes to his closet of clothes, the sky is the limit!

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