Lucas Raps On BTR Album?

Posted on Mar 6, 2013

Lucas Raps BTR Image 1

Who's excited to hear more tunes from the boys of Big Time Rush? We are! But it sounds like the next BTR album might have more than a bundle of sweet new dance tracks. It could have a few guest voices, too. Like who? We'll give you a clue... this possible album cameo has a voice that's out of this world!

Lucas Raps BTR 2

Than was an alien joke, in case you were wondering. But yes, according to a recent interview with Cambio, Lucas wants a spot on the guys' next single. And it could be possible, considering the boys are more involved with their music than ever! "...the cool thing is that this album is pretty much written 95 percent by us," Kendall explained. And Lucas wanted in. "I think I should have a featuring rap," Lucas added. "No, I don't rap. But I can learn. I think it would be cool, to have a rap mid-song."

Lucas Raps BTR 3

Lucas making a lyrical appearance on the next Big Time tune? Lucas traveling alongside the guys on their next tour? Lucas becoming the fifth member of Big Time Rush?! Okay, maybe we took that a little far. But hey, we like the sound of this! Sigh, if only Lucas' wish would come true...

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