Lucas Cruikshank's Nebraskan Roots!

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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Did you know? Lucas Cruikshank hails from Columbus, Nebraska! But now that he's moved on to the bright lights and rolling hills of Hollywood, does he ever miss his small town roots? Well, we sat down for a quick chat with the Marvin, Marvin star and he told us about the difference between his hometown and his new home in Tinsel Town!

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"It's very different," Lucas said. "I feel like life in Nebraska is kind of more simple. And there isn't traffic or anything, so it's kind of different in that way. And it's more of a rural community, obviously. But I really like both places. I think it's so much fun living in LA. Anything you can think of doing, you can do here. And there's so many places to shop and eat and so many people have the same interests as me. It's been really fun to live here."

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With Lucas exploring a totally new and exciting place, it seems like he has more in common with Marvin Marvin than we thought!


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