Lucas Cruikshank: From Web Star to Hollywood

Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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Even before he hit it big as the fast-talking Fred Figglehorn, Lucas Cruikshank was making up tons of other crazy characters! But how did he go from making wacky home made videos to walking alongside Hollywood's finest? Well, we know he was born to perform, but everything else just kinda fell into place! Destiny's calling, perhaps?

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Lucas told Seventeen that his journey to super-fame began with a simple love for movie making. "I just made random videos with my mom's camera," he said. "It was just my family and friends in a few spoofs of scary movies and mock talk shows."

But soon, one of his hilarious skits caught on like wildfire (with a little help from the webby waves). "For as long as I can remember, I was always creating random characters. I was always really creative and making up stuff. Fred was just one of the characters that I created," he explained. "...I didn't know that anyone could watch [my videos] besides my friends!" he continued. "Then they started getting tons of views and I was so surprised."

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And pretty soon, Hollywood was knocking at Lucas' door! "When I first started making videos...there was no one who had ever been discovered [through web videos] or no one who had ever moved to traditional media," Lucas told ClevverTV. "So it has definitely been a crazy ride."

Well, after watching Lucas go from the web to super celeb, we can safely say this ride is far from over!!


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