Lucas Cruikshank's Biggest Fear

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image Lucas Biggest Fear Image 1

Performing in front of the camera for thousands of fans across the country is enough to scare the socks off of most of us, but that isn't what gives Lucas Cruikshank a fright. In fact, his biggest fear is something many people use every day! Can you guess what it is?? We'll give you a hint: his alien alter ego Marvin probably wouldn't need this gadget, 'cause he can already float up to the top of a building (that is, if he's happy enough)!

Blog Image Lucas Biggest Fear Image 2

That's right. Lucas' biggest fear is riding in elevators! "I hate elevators," Lucas told us. "I'm kind of getting over it, though, day by day. But since I live in LA now, I kind of have to deal with elevators unless I wanna walk so many flights of steps. I think I'm kind of getting over it, but my worst fear is being trapped in an elevator."

Well, they say the best way to get over a fear is to face it. And with his new life working in the tall buildings of Hollywood, Lucas is doing a perfect job!


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