Earth Food Rules!

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

Earth Food Rules 1

Lucas Cruikshank doesn't blame Marvin Marvin for stuffing his face with human food. In fact, if he arrived on Earth from outer space, he'd do the very same thing! While talking to On the Spot Interviews, he explained what he'd do if he were a real alien, "I guess I'd be like Marvin and try all the food, 'cause he's all into the human food. So I'd probably be really excited about that."

Earth Food Rules 2

But Victory Van Tuyl has a different idea of what alien life should be like. If she were a Martian on Earth, she'd put some rather pranky plans into motion! She dished, "I'd probably just like, scare people! That would be like, who gets to do that? That'd be amazing, just scare everyone."

Earth Food Rules 3

We don't know for sure what space food is like, but we DO know that pizza and hot dogs are delicious. So if these two ever transformed, we wouldn't mind sharing our grub with them. Or Marvin Marvin, for that matter!


If SpongeBob ruled the world...

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