Lucas Learned To Dance From BTR?

Posted on Jun 21, 2013

Lucas Learns to Dance BTR 1

Marvin Marvin's Lucas Cruikshank and Big Time Rush are super close buds. Not only do they film on the same set, but they've even guest starred on each others' shows too! Turns out that being around BTR's music 24/seven has turned Lucas into a dancing machine, and we can't blame him! Read on to find out just how much Lucas picked up from the move masters.

Lucas Learns to Dance BTR 2

The star told ClevverTV that the time he spent with the boys was a real learning experience, "I picked up on a lot of dance moves, like snapping and like moving your leg and pulling it in." Sounds like Lucas might be adding 'choreographer' to his resume!

Lucas Learns to Dance BTR 3

Is Lucas in training to become the fifth BTR boy? Unfortunately, the star thinks he's not quite ready for the stage, "Other than that, I think that’s as [much] as I'm going to bring with me, but they can bring a lot more." You really did learn from the best!

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