Matt Bennett's Funniest Tweets Ever!

Posted on May 25, 2011

Word on the street is that Matt Bennett loves to tweet! And he's the comedic captain of the tweet seas. He's got so many hilarious chirps, that we're constantly crackin' up! So, we decided to fill you in on his finest and funniest lines, so you can LOL right along with us.


Top Tweet #5: Best Dressed. "Anybody else wearing a turtleneck out tonight?"
Top Tweet #4: Rules of Rock. "Matt Bennett Mosh Pit #1: Wear your glasses in the mosh pit, it adds a little extra danger to every punk rock show"
Top Tweet #3: Rock, Paper, Milk? "Paper beats rock, but milk makes paper and rock wet. It also builds strong bones!"
Top Tweet #2: Wrestling Matt-ch. "If I were a wrestler, my wrestling name would be Freak the Freak Out."
Top Tweet #1: Going Green. "Eating nothing but green things today in honor of Earth Day. Avocados, green beans, green eggs and ham, the outside of a watermelon..."

Matt is so fantastically funny, he never skips a tweet beat. And we'll never skip out on a chance to check his chirps! He's so fun to follow...


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