Matt's New Game: Gum Table Roulette

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

Blog Image Matt Gum Table Image 1

Sick with boredom? Problem solved! We just caught wind of a brand new game that's sure to keep you entertained for hours. But beware, there is a tiny chance it'll gross you out. It comes from the brain of one of our favorite funny guys on the tube, Matt Bennett! He told Cambio about this hilarious new activity he made up with his friends. And if you plan on playing, here's a word of the wise... Wear gloves!

Blog Image Matt Gum Table Image 2

"I play this one game, it works better at diners," Matt explained. "It's called 'Gum Table Roulette.' What you do is you all put your finger underneath [the table] and you put your finger up, and if you hit gum, you lose. I just invented it the other day."

Blog Image Matt Gum Table Image 3

This game sounds fun and all, but we've gotta say...YUCK!


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